What do Healthy Foods and Fake News have in Common?

Anyone coming to the US from abroad notices that healthy foods are expensive. The past two generations have been bombarded with affordable but mostly processed foods containing extreme sugar and additives whether it's meals, snacks, or beverages. They do more harm than good. -Not to mention the tobacco industry.

The broken food system is not the only reason but where did we end up today? Two of every three American adults are now overweight or obese. That’s not only a US-centric problem. Brazil, the UK, Turkey, and all of Asia are facing similar threats. According to WHO, worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975.

I now see a similar trend with the news. Today, most news outlets are behind the walls. The free ones are mostly fake, manipulated and the main source of conspiracy theories. (There is nothing wrong with the subscription model. I do believe that’s the way it should be. That’s how you achieve high-quality journalism. Ad-supported news is not sustainable, even poisonous.)

We have been there. When we went that road with the food we end up an obese civilization portrayed in the movie Wall-E. What kind of future should we expect if the majority of the population are mostly/only fed with fake news? For a populist leader, that’s like adding fuel to the fire. How can we get out of this loophole?