How do employees envision office/work in the post-COVID era?

As EurAsia Proptech Initiative, together with Assembly Buildings, we conducted a survey to understand what measures would be welcomed/considered safer by employees. At the end of the survey, we have added two open-ended questions. The answers to those questions that I shared below are quite insightful and shed some light on the future of work/office to entrepreneurs, developers, operators, human resources, architects, and consultants.

Our first question was “If your company will commence and/or continues remote working policy, what service(s) you think you need from them?

Below are the main topics;

  • Accessing company data and tools, VPN
  • Online memberships (fitness)
  • Internet connection, snack, and beverages
  • Courrier service
  • Mental, wellness and psychological support
  • Ergonomic work environment
  • IT support
  • Shuttle service

The second open-ended question was “How do you envision offices in the future?”. Below are the responses;

  • The future is uncertain. People will forget. I don’t expect any drastic changes.
  • Architectural design will be different. There will be two different gates for entries and exits from the buildings.
  • Certificate: A certificate for workspaces where higher standards and efforts are being implemented against the virus.
  • Voice and/or motion-activated hardware.
  • Smaller offices.
  • Low rise buildings and banned elevators
  • Larger sqm per person, remote working, green building standards becoming mandatory.
  • Smaller offices with finance and HR teams only.
  • I expect a downturn trend for new office years to come.
  • Everything will be the same. Maybe a little bit of social distancing.
  • In the future, offices will only serve to prestigious needs.
  • There will be a rotational and/or full home-office setup.
  • I hope remote working will stay after the pandemic. I wish the transformation has started willingly not forcefully.
  • Nothing is going to change. Just let me keep my job, that would be all.
  • Less commuting, more hygiene, we’re still social animals as human beings!
  • More oxygen, more open spaces.
  • Personalized offices.
  • Good air circulation system.
  • Capsule modules.
  • Home-office.
  • More personal areas, the transformation of open offices.
  • Everything will be back to normal in the long run.
  • Office usage will be much less in the future.
  • Soon, everyone will understand that we don’t need to go to the office to work.
  • Faster digital transformation, buildings with large open areas, no elevators.
  • Offices will be used part-time with scheduling tools.
  • Nothing will be changed in the short term. We’re not institutional, still have a boss/owner mentality.
  • Remote working should stay after the pandemic is over. We should not be limited to buildings. Cafes, homes will be our offices.
  • The future is remote-working and flex-working.
  • I expect a future where companies provide shuttle services to their employees
  • Offices will be obsolete.
  • We don’t need offices anymore. Remote working is the future.
  • I expect flex working will accelerate.
  • Separated, no name work stations/tables.
  • Remote working should be extended.
  • Commuting to an office and spend 8 hours is coming to an end.
  • I envision home-office and/or hybrid home-office.
  • I’ll be able to tell you one month later.
  • Offices could be places where you visit half-day a week.

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